Restaurant Linen Services

The Chef, Staff, Management and most importantly, your diners will appreciate the atmosphere that is created when clean, fresh, and pressed linens are used.

When you partner with Morgan Linen Service, you will have access to the largest color selection in the region. You can create the mood and ambiance with the colors and sizes of table cloths and napkins that only Morgan Linen offers. Each piece is washed, pressed and ready for presentation.

Our professional staff can assist you in finding the right color, size, and selection combination that will set your restaurant apart from the others. You can also use our Table Designer tool to find the look you need. Don’t forget to view the napkin folding techniques for creative ideas for setting your tables.

Chef Apparel

Our chef apparel choices create the professional tone you need for your business. Morgan Linen Service offers a wide variety of chef coats, frocks, shirts, and pants for the Executive Chef to the busser. Ask about our custom embroidery, chef coats, logos, and specialty styles that are available.

Kitchen Linen

All kitchens need linens to maintain their freshness, cleanliness, and efficiency. Morgan Linen Service provides aprons and toweling to help your kitchen perform better. We offer bistro aprons in addition to bib aprons and square aprons, for back of house as well.

Regardless of your choice, our products will help keep your kitchen clean, meals fresh, and your business efficient.

  • Bib Aprons
    Black, Navy, Burgundy, Red, White, Forest Green
  • Also Available
    Black Bistro Aprons, White Bistro Aprons, White Square Aprons
  • Toweling
    Kitchen Towels, Bar Mops, and Glass Towels

Table Linens

Our large color selection of table cloths and napkins will create the image you are looking for Morgan Linen Service will fit your table like a custom suit. Please visit our table designer page to see our color options and click here for napkin folding techniques.

NAPKINS – 20×20
Black, Dresden Blue, Navy Blue, Plum, Sandalwood, Burgundy, Dusty Rose, Orange, Purple, Seafoam, Cadet Blue, Forest Green, Orchid, Raspberry, Teal, Champagne, Gold, Red, White, Chocolate, Pink, Rust, Yellow, Belize Blue, Pistaschio, Lava Grey

White Stripe, Burgundy Stripe, Grey Stripe, Blue Stripe
Click on Napkin Folding Techniques for creative ideas for setting your tables.

42×42 Table Cloths
Black, Dresden Blue, Pink, Burgundy, Dusty Rose, Red, Cadet Blue, Forest Green, Sandalwood, Champagne, Gold, White, Peach

52×52 Table Cloths
Black, Dresden Blue, Pink, Burgundy, Dusty Rose, Purple, Cadet Blue, Forest Green, Red, Champagne, Gold, Sandalwood, Peach, White, Orchid, Blue Check, Green Check, Red Check

61×61 Table Cloths
Black, Dresden Blue, Burgundy, Dusty Rose, Pink, Cadet Blue, Forest Green, Red, Champagne, Gold, Sandalwood, Orchid, White

71×71 Table Cloths
Black, Dusty Rose, Pink, Burgundy, Forest Green, Cadet Blue, Gold, Red, Champagne, Orchid, Sandalwood, Dresden Blue, Peach, White

85×85 Table Cloths
Black, Dresden Blue, Orchid, Sandalwood, Burgundy, Dusty Rose, Peach, White, Cadet Blue, Forest Green, Pink, Champagne, Gold, Purple, Chocolate, Maize, Red

52×114 Table Cloths
Black, Forest Green, Purple, Burgundy, Gold, Red, Cadet Blue, Orchid, Sandalwood, Champagne, Pink, White

120 Round Table Cloths
Black, White, Champagne (Other colors available upon request)

132 Rounds, 90×156, 90×132 Table Cloths
Available upon request in many colors

A Morgan Linen Service representative will be happy to meet with you to discuss ideas for products, colors and sizes that will help you achieve success!

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